CFESA: The Early Years

In 1963, Commercial Food Equipment Service Agencies of America, C-FESA, Headquarters was located at 3108 Guardian Bldg, Detroit, MI (pictured).

The First meeting of the Board of Directors of The Commercial Food Equipment Service Agencies of America, Inc., C-FESA was held on May 18th, 1963 at the Tides Inn Motel, Chicago, IL. William Eichenauer and Pete Di Pirro were accepted as the first new members and given the status as charter members along with the incorporator status. The incorporators were: Philip Schoenberger, President; Jackson Hudgins, First Vice President; Elmer Schultz, Second Vice President; Ruth Lippert, Secretary; Spark Dixon, Treasurer; Peter Di Pirro, Vice President of Region 1; Otto McComb, Vice President of Region 2; Norman Blake, Vice President of Region 3; Michael Brino, Vice President of Region 4; Denton Lintz; along with other incorporators John Shea, Rudolph Dauber and Benjamin Hibbel. The meetings were held on a quarterly basis at that time. The initial dues structure was set at $100.00 per member and by the end of 1963 there were 22 members of C-FESA.

The very first members of C-FESA were: Ruth Lippert, Lippert Electric Company; Otto McComb, Mid-West Appliance Service; Jack Hudgins, Old Dominion Services; Elmer Schultz, Elmer Schultz, Inc.; Philip Schoenberger, Utilities Maintenance Service; J.E. Whitley, Whitley Electric Service; Douglas Winning, Winning Sheet Metal; John Campbell, Campbell Appliance Company; Robert Hamers, Commercial Kitchen Repair Company; George Racklyeft, E&G Refrigeration; John Shea, Ace Service Company; Nathan Uretsky, Acme Amercian Repairs, Inc; Thomas Lawrence, American Kitchen Machine Company; Rudy Daubers, Carl W. Daubers and Sons; Pete De Pirro, Pete De Pirro Company; William Eichenauer, Eichenauer Electric Service; Denton Lintz, Electric Repair Company; Norman Blake, Electric Motor Repair; John O’Shaughnessy, Equipment Service Company; Benjamin Hibble; Hibble Electric Services, Inc; Spark Dixon, K&D Service Company; Joseph Scheck, Kaemmerlen Electric Company.

In 1963, the National Appliance Service Association, NASA proposed a merger with C-FESA. However, after further review it was decided that C-FESA would maintain its autonomy and advised NASA of this decision. However, this proposal was introduced again by NASA in 1968, with the same results.

The first trade show that C-FESA participated in was the New York Hotel and Motel Show, NH&M in November 1963. The booth space was complimentary for this show. The booth was manned by the Board of Directors in 2-3 hour shifts.

In November, 1964 at the Board of Directors meeting the quarterly meetings were abandoned and the bi-annual meeting format was adopted. The meetings were held in May in conjunction with the NRA show and in November in conjunction with the New York Hotel & Motel Show, in Chicago and New York respectively. At this meeting the subject of a "training program for maintenance mechanics for commercial food equipment" was raised and agreed to be investigated. It was at this meeting that warranty report forms were introduced as a consideration for C-FESA members.

At the May 1970 meeting, it was decided that Marvin Lurie be named Executive Director of the association. Until this time there had been no Executive Director, but rather C-FESA had been guided by the BOD and voting members.

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